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Terms & Conditions for participation in Club Yoga i Priateli

The following terms and conditions apply to all activities of Club Yoga I Priateli. In case of contradiction between these terms and conditions and those for a specific activity/offering the specific ones apply (only in the part of contradiction).

Sign Up Process

1. Participation in activities is ensured upon advance sign up. Signing up is done by payment of the fee or a retainer.

2. Fees must be paid in full before the first class of the chosen activity.

3. A retainer cannot be taken back.

4. Every participant in an activity of Club Yoga I Priateli agrees to fill in an entry questionnaire giving precise, truthful and complete information about contact details and her/his health condition.

Online Sign Up Process

5. Every person can sign up on our website with ONLY ONE email.

6. In the process of signing up via the website of the club one must fill in precise, truthful and complete information.

7. If the calculated and paid price is not precise, Club Yoga I Priateli reserves the right to return the extra paid money or to require additional payment up to the correct price before one takes part in the chosen activity. For example, if one has a club card, but the system does not give a discount that one is entitled to, then when coming for the chosen activity the mistake is to be fixed. If you are uncertain or unclear about anything, please contact us at tel. +359 (0)888 246 777 from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. every day.

8. If one fills in unprecise or false information, which leads to signing up for an activity, which is not appropriate for you, Club Yoga I Priateli reserves the right to redirect the person to another activity, which is appropriate for her and her health..


9. Only one discount at a time per activity can be used.

10. All discounts are calculated on basis of the standard prices.

11. Prices for additional activities from the pricelist apply when one has signed up for a yoga course – level.

12. Club cards are valid for 365 days and apply to their holders only.

13. Owners of club cards may use discount for purchasing club cards for other people, who have not tried yoga class at Club Yoga I Priateli before.

14. Club cards give the right to a discount for activities, whose end dates fall within the period of their validity. For example, if a card expires before the end of a course that one wants to sign up for, one can either renew the card and sign up with the given discount, or sign up without discount by paying the standard price.

Missed classes

15. In case of being unable to attend an activity that is paid for by fault of the participant, Club Yoga I Priateli may, but is not obliged, to offer her/him a chance to attend another activity. In case a participant misses an activity the club does not owe her/him any money back.

Terminating a participation

16. Termination of the attendance in a course, which has already started, and the return of the paid fee is possible until the end of the second class. The opportunity applies to people, who participate for the first time in the given type of activity (a course-level, for example) and have paid the standard price. In these instances only a fee for the classes that s/he already attended is withheld.

Access and Order in the Studio

17. Access in the studio is allowed only if wearing socks, which are brought specially for participation in the activities in order to preserve the hygiene and comfort for all practitioners. If one wants one can also bring a cloth, which is put on the mat.

18. Keeping the peace and quiet is important for the students at the club.

19. Mobile phones must be left outside of the hall. It is also good to be on Silent mode and with the vibration switched off, if the latter can also interrupt the silence during a yoga class.

20. Personal handbags/purses with valuables are put in the cabins with locks in such a manner, that the cabins can fit more belongings. Big bags must be put on the shelves.

21. Forgotten items are kept 1 week after they have been left behind.

22. Audio and/or video recording by participants is not allowed.

23. Promotion, proliferation, offering of any goods, services and activities outside those of Club “Yoga I Priateli” is possible solely after a permission given by the owner of “Yoga.BG” EOOD in advance.

24. Lists with contact information of participants in activities of Club “Yoga I Priateli” can be made solely by the organizers of the activities.

25. Club “Yoga I Priateli” reserves the right to reject participation in the activities of people, for whom the club deems their presence in the studio presents a risk for themselves or the rest of the people.

26. People under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, as well as people with contagious diseases, people who do not keep the order and the rules in the studio, and people who cause strong discomfort for the rest of the participants or the personnel, are not allowed in the studio.

Changes to the schedule and teachers

27. Club Yoga I Priateli has the right to make changes to published schedules. In case a given class cannot be held according to schedule, an option is sought for having it at another time, which is convenient for the majority of the students. Club Yoga I Priateli is to notify personally, by phone, e-mail, short message (sms) or another electronic media the participant in the activity. If one is unable to attend a class according to the amended schedule, the participant has the right to require Club Yoga I Priateli to return a sum equal to the paid fee divided by the number of classes in the given activity for every missed class after the schedule change.

28. Club Yoga I Priateli has the right to change the teacher for a given class. The club will try to do this only as an exception.

Promotion of activities / Participation in advertising materials

29. Club Yoga I Priateli has the right to produce and publish audio, video and imagery materials with the participants in its activities for promotional purposes.

30. Participants in activities have the right to ask for deletion of her/his participation in an audio, video or imagery materials, when this is possible, as well as demand advance approval on her/his side prior to publishing.


31. Participants in activities of Club Yoga I Priateli have the right to demand materials, if it was announced that there would be such.